Accession Process towards EU
Accession Process towards EU

Macedonia is a candidate country for membership expecting commencement of membership negotiations. The next phase in the accession process is acquiring negotiation date for European Union membership.

The negotiation process of the Republic of Macedonia for EU membership will signify completion of the approximation process to the European Union, adoption of its benefits and values as well as complete adaptation of the Macedonian institutions towards functioning to that of the Union institutions. The negotiations will also signify establishing grounds and preparation for a successful functioning of the Republic of Macedonia as a Union Member State.

In February 2008, the Council of Ministers of the European Union adopted the 2008 Accession Partnership of the Republic of Macedonia. The Accession Partnership includes 8 (eight) key priorities as requirement for acquiring negotiation date. The Republic of Macedonia expects to actually commence the negotiation process for full membership in the European Union in the course of 2009.

The negotiations as a comprehensive dynamic undertaking, require full preparation of the state authorities and institutions as well as of the structures established for coordination and conducting negotiations prior to the commencement of the negotiations themselves. For more information on the negotiations visit the following link.

The Main Document of the EU for the accession priorities of the Republic of Macedonia within the Enlargement Strategy is the Accession Partnership.

The Main Priorities of the Accession Partnership have been set up by the European Commission as requirement for obtaining negotiation date with the European Union. In March, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia adopted Measures and activities for realisation of the main priorities of the Accession Partnership.

The assessment of the priority accomplishment is given in Progress Report published by EC annually, i.e. in November.

Subsequently, the Council of Ministers of the EU adopts conclusions on the Report.

Key decisions on the progress of the accession process are adopted by the European Council, in its December Summit (in the Presidency conclusions).

The Republic of Macedonia defines its European Agenda through National Programme for Adoption of Acquis Communautaire and other key documents.

For the purpose of fulfilling the part of economic criteria, the Republic of Macedonia drafts Pre-accession Economy Programme on annual basis (PEP).

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia in November 2007 adopted Institutional Platform and Principles for Conducting Negotiations for Accession of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia regularly informs the Assembly on the accomplished relating to EU membership, through quarterly reports.

Monthly progress briefs, prepared by SEA.

Contribution to the Progress Report on the Process of Accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU .

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Accession Process towards EU
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