The Deputy Prime Minister Besimi in Sofia: The Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria share the European Vision for the Region
16:31, Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in charge of European Affairs Dr. Fatmir Besimi was on a working visit in the Republic of Bulgaria where he met the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria Zinaida Zlatanova, as well as the Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristijan Vigenin.

During the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Zlatanova, Besimi referred to the progress achieved in implementing the activities of the European agenda. In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Besimi stressed the importance of the European agenda to continue in the future.

Also, Besimi emphasized the commitment of the Republic of Macedonia aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations with the Republic of Bulgaria, continuing the high-level meetings, continuous implementation of existing agreements, as well as signing of new agreements in order to further maintain the good neighborly relations.
At their meeting in Sofia, the Deputy Prime Minister Besimi and the Head of Bulgarian diplomacy Vigenin agreed that the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria share a vision for the region - fully integrated into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Also, the support from the neighbors is essential in this process.

The cooperation with the Republic of Bulgaria on the way to our full membership in European and Euro-Atlantic integrations is carried out in accordance with the Memorandum between the two countries for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, they agreed jointly.
The Republic of Macedonia is interested in promoting political dialogue with the Republic of Bulgaria at the highest level, including official visits, and also supported, and with intensified meetings at professional and technical level, said the Deputy Prime Minister Besimi.
Maintaining good neighborly relations with the countries of the region is of particular importance for the Republic of Macedonia in its accession process to the European Union, as well as constructive participation in bilateral relations with the Republic of Bulgaria, said Besimi.

The hosts were informed about the activities and the implementation of reforms in the country, especially in view of the implementation of the recommendations in the areas such as: judiciary, public administration, freedom of expression and other areas, which are identified as essential by the European Commission. In this context, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr Besimi, informed about the status of activities related to the High Level Accession Dialogue with the European Commission and the technical dialogue on 23rd and 24th Chapter. The objectives and the obligations arising from this dialogue are contained in the joint Operational Plan and present additional motive and guidance in the implementation of the activities in the process of approximation to the Union.

A particular interest was expressed in terms of regional cooperation, with an emphasis on the use of EU funds, especially through the IPA Program for Cross-Border Cooperation. The experience shows a positive trend of this kind of cooperation which is supported by the European Commission, which is satisfactory for both sides.

The hosts expressed understanding for Macedonian current challenges, willingness to improve bilateral relations, and the support and assistance in the efforts that Macedonia is employing towards meeting the last obligations and criteria in the process of integration in the European structures, was confirmed. The dynamics of realization of the activities from the High Level Accession Dialogue between our country and the European Commission which confirms Macedonia"s commitment in achieving the strategic goal was welcomed. In this framework, readiness for concrete assistance in preparing certain Chapters, and experiences on the use of IPA and IPARD funds was emphasized.

In the end, he emphasized that regardless of the Brussels decision, the Republic of Macedonia continues the reform agenda and good neighborly relations, which according to the Bulgarian Minister for Foreign Affairs is the right policy to overcome the situation.

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